Renewable Energy

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En/Power has secured technology and hardware sourcing from leading solution providers


En/Power finances, installs and operates the equipment in the client’s premise

En/Power sells power, not equipment è no additional capex but lower opex



  • Diesel/Solar hybrids connect to existing diesel generators and consist of solar PV panels, a smart interface consisting of transformers and inverters and optional battery storage;
  • The interface injects solar electricity in real time and automatically reduces the diesel input;


  • Diesel/Solar hybrid solutions have become increasingly attractive economically and have been implemented successfully;
  • In locations with high solar radiation, no or limited grid access and reliance on diesel generated power, hybrid solutions can significantly reduce diesel consumption and the overall energy bill;

off-grid initiatives

  • en/power have identified numerous off-grid opportunities where lack of grid capacity and poor financial strength of national utilities prevent industries from connecting to or being supplied from the grid. We seek to develop off-grid / distributed power solutions that secure electricity supply at lower cost than common diesel generators.