africa’s power shortage

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power outages for


sub-Saharan African


Diesel fuel generation cost

can easily run to

USD 400/MWh


Africa  spends about

USD 10 bn/yr

on the power sector

An investment of

USD 40.6bn/yr

is needed


  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 30 out of 48 countries experience daily power outages.  These cost more than 5% of GDP in Malawi, Uganda and South Africa, and 1-5% in Senegal, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Diesel generation are used to overcome outages and more than 50% of power generation capacity in countries, such as the Democratic Replublic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Mauritania, and 17% in West Africa is based on diesel fuel.  The resulting generation cost can easily run to USD 400 per MWh
  • Africa spends about USD 10 bn per year on the power sector: USD 2.27 bn for grid extension, USD 4.59 bn for grid supply, USD 1.37 bn for off-grid renewable electricity, USD 1.07 bn for policy/regulation and USD 0.76 bn for efficient use of electricity
  • What would be needed is an investment of USD 40.6bn per year, consisting of USD 26.6 bn capitial expenditure and USD 14.0 bn operation and maintenance